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Targeting a new market and need your materials translated?

You have a report, press release, or a book that needs to be ‎in multiple languages instead of only one?‎

Enjaz can help you translate your documents in a way that ‎ensures their original purpose and tone are reflected while ‎flowing in the new language and capturing local phrases,  ‎style, and culture.‎

Translation services give you the chance to make your ‎materials more accessible to a broader audience, giving you ‎the chance to expand your business horizons and reach new ‎customers.‎

Copywriting is the art and ‎science of writing a few lines ‎that sell your product or ‎service and convince ‎prospective customers to take ‎action.‎ Design,‎ content ‎marketing,‎ SEO, and growth ‎hacking are all parts of a ‎complete digital marketing ‎plan,‎ but copywriting is the ‎glue that ties it all together. ‎Copywriting gives your design ‎meaning and lays the ‎foundation for your content ‎marketing,‎ SEO, and growth ‎hacking. A good copywriting ‎service enables you to convert ‎more readers into customers.‎

Videos in today’s world can have a huge impact and help you connect with audiences. Subtitling services are where the script of the video is taken and translated. The content in the target language will then appear on the screen, mimicking what is being said in the original language. It allows viewers to fully understand your video, even if the words spoken are not in their native tongue. It’s even possible to create multiple subtitles for a single project, allowing you to reach a whole new segment and audience.

Our team of ‎professionals can manage your subtitling requests with ease as they have long experience working with ‎leading TV stations and media ‎companies for various subtitling ‎projects and ‎services, including ‎hard-subbing, soft-subbing, or even time coding only.‎

In the editing and proofreading process, we aim to highlight any potential errors or mistakes. If any are identified, they will be corrected at this stage. Through our processes, we reduce the possibility of poor quality.

We also look at the tone of the writing to ensure that it reflects that of the original source material and brand messaging.

So,If you want to ensure your document is Linguistically correct or free from grammatical mistakes and typos, send it to ‎us. We will ensure that it is reviewed and ‎edited by our language professionals.

We hire ‎native, fluent speakers/writers who will ‎ensure your work is up to standard and can be ‎shared with others without any potential ‎embarrassment.‎

Localization is the process of adapting and translating the user interface, website, documentation, ‎and related software files from one language to another.‎

In today’s digital environment, Localization becomes especially important as Supporting multiple languages in the product ‎allows not only expands its consumer market but also brings the status of the company or the ‎brand to a new level. High-quality localization seriously affects the growth of software/product ‎sales in the foreign market.‎

Backed by an expert team of translators, ‎Enjaz can provide high-quality, accurate ‎translation ‎services in various languages.‎

Typing and Desktop Publishing is an important ‎service that helps view your products ‎‎‎professionally and with the highest quality, thus ‎contributing to achieving the desired goal of ‎‎the ‎project, whether it is a “book, brochure, magazine, ‎user guide, or web.” If the translation ‎‎is the ‎beating heart of any project, the Desktop ‎Publishing is the body and soul.‎
It ‎is a crucial element as it presents the work content in an attractive and high-quality framework, ‎‎which in turn contributes to helping your products be widespread.‎

Do you have a target market in mind but don’t think a voice-over or localization project is right ‎for you? Do you have an interview or an audio file you would like to have the contents ‎typed? Transcription could be the solution to your problem.‎
Transcription takes the sounds and language of your audio to make it accessible to a new ‎audience, writing it down in a way that’s easy to read and digest.‎
At Enjaz, we go one step further, we’re able to take the original transcript and translate the ‎content into a whole range of languages, repurposing it for a new market and audience.‎


Simultaneous interpreting is a real-time verbal translation across languages; it is one of the most common forms of interpretation, although it is pretty tricky. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter has to translate what was said within the time allowed by the speaker’s pace without changing the natural flow of the speech, which is usually the best choice for an event/conference.

You can rely on Enjaz to support you with professional interpreters and equipment (headsets, booths, etc.) to ensure you have the best management and language solutions for your event’s success.

Unlike simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation ‎involves the interpreter taking notes during the speaker’s ‎presentation while maintaining visual contact with the speaker and ‎then translating into another language after the speaker has ‎finished; plus, there is no need for equipment (headsets, booths, ‎etc.).‎

Enjaz can provide consecutive interpreting for a very wide range in a variety of situations, such as business meetings/presentations, local authority tenant discussions, and annual summary meetings.

The oral rendition of text written in one language into another is usually done at the moment.

It’s a hybrid of translation and interpretation.

Whispered interpretation is ‎usually used whenever the ‎number of people is tiny. The ‎interpreter sits next to, ‎behind, or between the ‎participants and whispers a ‎summary of what is being ‎said.‎